The South Carolina Association for Pupil Transportation is a group of professionals bound together and dedicated to the safe transportation of our students within South Carolina.  


Brief History


SCAPT was organized in 1975 as an independent non-profit organization for transportation professionals throughout South Carolina.  Since that time SCAPT has provided its members with the tools and working relationships to help them become better leaders within the student transportation arena.  From the beginning SCAPT has been committed to improving school bus operations within our state and has always put the safe transportation of our students as its highest priority.


Mission Statement


The purpose of South Carolina Association for Pupil Transportation is to bring together those who are interested in the betterment of South Carolina's pupil school bus transportation operations.  This association strives to help promote safe and efficient pupil transportation by assisting transportation personnel through education and training and by providing and sharing information with everyone involved in transporting our students.  Our goal is to develop the highest standard of performance and professionalism for transportation personnel across our state.


 SCAPT's Objectives


  • To work for a safe and more efficient transportation program.


  • To serve as the spokesperson for all who are engaged in pupil transportation.


  • To bring together those involved in pupil transportation in South Carolina for the purpose of sharing information and developing solutions to issues relating to pupil transportation.


  • To provide consistency in the pupil transportation industry throughout South Carolina.


  • To serve as an agency for the collection and dissemination of information concerning school bus transportation matters.
The SCAPT Logo

This SCAPT logo represents the many roads that are traveled all across South Carolina from sunup to sundown.  With over 5,000 school buses and 1,000 District owned buses students are being transported safely everyday not just to and from school but to after school programs, sports events, band competitions, field trips, etc..

As members of the South Carolina Association for Pupil Transportation we are committed to continually working to maintain a safe transportation program and for ways to share and improve our knowledge of the transportation system.