Study Committe Draft 

To view or download a copy of the 2012 (Draft) Final Report of the School Transportation Decentralization Study Committee click on the SC State Seal below.

Committee Members and Appointment


The Honorable John L. Scott, Jr.  (Chair)       

SC Senator, District 19


The Honorable Phillip D. Owens (Vice Chair)           

SC Representative, District 5


The Honorable Joe Neal                                            

SC Representative, District 70                                     


Mr. Josh Baker                                                           

Budget Director, Office of the Governor


Mr. Jeff Caldwell                                                       

Director, Student Services, Lex. District One


Mr. Robert E. Davis                                                   

CFO, Richland District Two    


Ms. Allyson Duke                                                       

CFO, Dorchester District Two


Mr. Jeff Knotts                                                                       

Executive Director of Finance, Greenville Schools


Mr. Jason Moyer                                                        

Director of Business Development,

Student Transportation, Inc.  


Ms. Kelley S. Platt                                                      

President and CEO, Thomas Built Buses


Mr. Buddy Young                                                       

President, Capitol Bus Lines, Inc.


Committee Staff


Sally Cauthen                                                              Senate Education Committee

Emily Heatwole                                                           House Ways and Means

Josh Baker                                                                   Governor's Office     


The members of SCAPT would like to thank those members of the committee and staff who work on the 2012 School Transportation Decentralization Study Committee and those who support our efforts to maintain a system of student transportation that is safe and efficient.  Members of this association are dedicated to  continue to seek was to improve our school bus operations.
SCAPT Board of Directors